We’d be in school for more years, assuming we keep the same amount of hours of the average school cycle with the same rate of productivity, but then productivity might also increase. Hold on, I might have to do math.

The American school system has school for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, 180 days a year, that’s 1,260 hours a year in class, or at least in the school building. This is not including extracurricular activities. If we were in school for 3 days a week, that’s 53 days a year, assuming we’re still serving 1,260 hours per year. That means the amount of information given in K-12 would take 17.5 years (for the sake of whole figures let’s say 18).

Now on to productivity, there are variant ways to look at this, 3 days a week leaves 4 days for shenanigans, so there would be a slight increase in workload even in an ideal world. Although, this yields more time to study, assuming the average student puts forward 4 hours per subject, with the basic 5 (English, Math, Science, History, Foreign Language) the week would hold more than enough time to study for said subjects and productivity would increase by quite a bit, hypothetically around 37-52%. That means if students had school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; given the increased rate of productivity, they would actually be able to complete K-12 in approximately 10 years.

That being said, every student is different and should not be pigeon-holed by my ideals.

Disclaimer: These are all hypothetical, with very basic math.

Notes: I am aware foreign languages aren’t mandatory everywhere, this is a Utopian hypothetical. Also, I have no idea what the link says because the damn server won’t coect. If their math is different, I apologize.

There are benefits and detriments to this idea. Of course, it may yield better grades. Though humans, teenagers especially, will find any and every excuse to procrastinate. On the other side, this leaves more time for relaxation and SLEEP, which teenagers desperately need. School is stressful, and this might make it less so.There are a myriad of ways that you could go with this. On one hand, students may hate it and want more time in the classroom to be TAUGHT; and on the other, students may enjoy the time to absorb the information. It depends on the human and how they like to learn. 

Also, school is an amazing place for social interaction. There may be students that wouldn’t be as social if they weren’t forced to be for 5 days a week. There are just some people who don’t like to be around other people and less time in school means less interaction which is proven to be good for growing children, and even adults. 

The decreasing stability in the mental health among teenagers is appalling, and three day school weeks could go either way. Some people, like myself, crave the social interaction; some people, like one of my best friends, could do with out it. It really depends. There should be a test on this. After many polls of course. 






what if nobody else wants to date me?

Never date someone for the sake of dating. Good people will come. Don’t do yourself the disservice of getting emotionally tangled up with these people

Oh wow, I’ve had two boyfriends that fit some of these. the first one I had fit almost all these for being a player who lied about being married, and the second one was definitely overly attached.

A little warning for you ladies, if the guy tells you about some of his exes and what they did in the bedroom or if he wants to exchange stories about the craziest places you’ve had sex in…RUN!!! That is a red flag! Also…if you find yourself dreading the 8 a day phone calls from your boyfriend or you put down the phone while he talks…it’s time to end it.